The greatest compliment a company can receive is repeat client business. At Grayson Allen, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients.


Every search starts with two goals.  The first is to find the ideal candidate for the position.  The second is to perform the search in a way that guarantees you will call again.

Finding talent is often easier said than done.  That is exactly why you need a recruiter. The process requires thought, strategy, diligence and perseverance.  When you work with Grayson Allen, you will know the recruiter who is networking on your behalf, and you can be confident that each candidate presented will be a great fit for the position and for your organization.

In the event you decide to conduct a search without recruiter participation, you can benefit from our perspective and knowledge of the marketplace as well as obtain strategic support through our consulting services. 

We also provide consulting services, on an hourly basis, for attorneys who are leaving your company and are in need of transition services. 

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